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Welcome to Dr. Pete's Groom + Care!

Premium grooming and care with physician insight 


Dr. Pete’s Groom + Care is owned and operated by Dr. Pete Sutherland, DVM. I am dedicated to provide high quality grooming and care for your beloved dog(s) and/or cat(s) that enhances your pet’s physical and mental health.  My focus is on your individual pet one at a time. For both you and your pet(s) I provide a convenient, caring service that reduces the time and stress of bringing your pet(s) to a “brick and mortar” grooming shop.

Dr. Pete provides more than what a typical pet groomer can provide, without the costs of a visit to a licensed veterinarian. In addition to high quality grooming, I offer basic pet care services, veterinary and nutrition advice, first aid, basic veterinary treatments and veterinary insight to help you determine if you need to get additional veterinary services from a licensed veterinarian.* 

* Dr. Pete Sutherland, DVM is a retired from both veterinary medicine and teaching (Allied Medical Health, Anatomy and Physiology and Biology) and does not have a current active veterinary medical license. Dr. Pete will not provide any treatments, nor medicines that require a veterinary medical license.

Dr. Pete, Sutherland, DVM does not sedate, nor tranquilize pets, however he has a professional relationship with a local licensed veterinarian and will occasionally set up appointments during which the licensed veterinarian can provide sedation or tranquilization in conjunction with Dr. Pete’s grooming and care.

Please refer to the services and rates list for the services that Dr. Pete will provide. 

In case of an emergency for your pet, call your licensed veterinarian or an emergency veterinary clinic.

Located In

Dexter, MI



Phone: 734-883-8687